Awards Entry Process

There are a number of key concepts which are useful to know when using the Awards entry system:

  • Registration / login
    • an account must first be created and you must login before you can submit an entry
    • After registration you can select and save for later but you must click the email activation link before you will be able to finish an order
  • Basket - this is where all entries are held before completing the process (it functions like a shopping basket)
  • Saved Items
    • if you can't finish the entry immediately you save use the "Save for later" button to move an entry to the "Saved items"
    • You can return at a later stage and complete missing information, mode the saved item to the basket and process it
  • "Process x Items" - the green button at the bottom of the basket
    • This button is only available if ALL items in the basket have ALL required information
    • After clicking this button your items are move from the basket into a "Transaction"
  • Transaction
    • A transaction holds all of the items which you wish to process
    • Initially a transaction is "Incomplete" - your order is not finished until the transaction is completed
    • Incomplete - the entry process is not yet finished but been started, items are moved out of the basket into a transaction
    • Completed - after the final "Complete" button is clicked on the summary screen, a transaction is completed and the entry is logged into the system
  • Transaction ID - a unique reference to a transaction usually of the form: ABCDEF000001
  • Nomination code - a unique reference for nominations or other items in a basket, usually a random sequence of letters and number e.g. NDU5TC7IQOICKTU

The videosbelow demonstrate a number of the processes associated with making Awards entries

How to complete an entry

This video looks at the end-to-end process of entering a free-to-enter awards

  • We look at selecting a category and logging in
  • We see how all required fields must be completed before we can process the entry
  • We follow the "Process" button to the "Personal Information" screen
  • Finally after reviewing the summary page we use the "Complete" button to finalise the entry.

"Save for later", the "Basket" and "Saved Items"

The events entry process allows for saving of partially completed entries

  • here we see the "Basket" and "Saved Items" and their functions
  • We use the "Save for Later" button to move an entry into the saved items
  • We log out and log back in and retrieve the entry from saved items after completing all required fields
  • We complete the process to finish the entry

Modify a completed entry

Nominations can be edited up to the Awards Entry closing date, even after they have been submitted.

  • Locate a completed entry via the "My transactions" menu
  • Click on the transaction code to access the transaction detail
  • locate the nomination inside the transaction via its linked code or using the "Items" tab
  • Edit the entry and use the save button to store changes

Completing an incomplete entry

Once the green "Process x items" button has be clicked a "transaction" is created

  • Transactions contain the awards entries (nominations)
  • Transactions are Incomplete until the final processing button "Complete" has been clicked
  • Incomplete transactions can be found via the "My Transactions" menu
  • After locating an incomplete transaction the green "Complete" button can be used to start the process of finishing the entry